Welcome aboard, divers!

The love for what we do is what lies at the core of Arian Diving Centre, a love that we aspire to share with every person we meet. Present in the diving industry since 1978, our diving center was one of the first to be opened in Greece and we have enjoyed a long history of collaborations with professional divers worldwide.

Whether it’s recreational or professional diving, novice or seasoned, we are ready to introduce you to the remarkable richness and diverse diving locations of the island and its vicinity.

Αs an ANDI and PADI 5* Resort, our center also provides a full range of scuba diving education programs, equipment selection, and experience opportunities, while encouraging awareness of the aquatic environment.

All courses and training are carried out by our certified team of instructors, following international dive safety standards while making customer care and comfort a top priority.

Meet the Team

Dareios Tsapari Rassi

Operations Manager, Lead Captain

Originally from Greece, Dareios is one half of the brothers’ duplet, who took over the family business and launched it to the next level. Raised in the sea between boats and diving gear, Dareios is a natural born captain with a great expertise on diving boats, leading diving excursions, training instructors and ensuring the highest standards of safety.

Arian Tsapari Rassi


The second part of the brothers’ duplet and the CEO leading Arian Diving Center business expansion is an experienced recreational and commercial diver with a passion for sharing diving with the world. Guided by his motto “Everyone can dive with the right guidance”, Arian has made his primary goal to create a safe and welcoming environment for every diver visiting the center whether novice or experienced.

Emilie Scharly

Guest Relations, Reservation Manager, Instructor

Originally from France, Emilie has been a certified PADI Master Scuba Diving Instructor since 2016 with over a 2500 dives in places like Dominican Republic, Seychelles Islands, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Reunion Island, South of France and Greece among others.

With an MBA in Luxury hospitality management, Emilie is the head of guest relations in charge of ensuring the highest standards of customer service that granted Arian Diving Centre its status as a 5-star diving resort

Farrell Bond

Lead Instructor, Boat Captain

Coming all the way from South Africa, Farrell has been a certified PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor since 2018 with over 5000 dives in South Africa, Egypt and Greece. Leading our team of Instructors and Divemasters to provide the highest standard of service, Farrell takes care of the preparation and maintenance of diving gear, and the coordination of our diving trips and courses.



Our German instructor, Thomas has been a PADI Open Water Scuba Diving Instructor since 2021 with over 1000 dives in the cold waters of Germany and Austria but also in our beautiful Greece. Thomas started his professional career with us and has extended his knowledge and experience in order to become an instructor able to teach a large range of diving specialities.


Diving Boats

Roxy & Athina

Our fully equipped diving boats with capacity between 8 to 10 people, are prepared to fulfill all the needs of our divers while ensuring a safe and smooth ride to and from our dive sites.

An spacious cabin to keep our customers belongings dry at all times, a marine toilet, shade to protect them from the sun, comfortable and secure space to store diving equipment, a front deck space to warm up in the sun between dives and comfortable installations to enter and exit the water, make our boats the perfect ally for your diving trips.

Roxy and Athina, named after women of the family for being strong and reliable, will guide you into the Aegean Sea!


Our brand new speedboat, Dimitra, is the perfect combination of comfort, safety and speed, designed to host private experiences providing the highest standards of comfort. With plenty of space to lay under the sun, powerful speakers to play your favorite music, comfortable sitting space, an integrated cooler to keep beverages cold at all times and two powerful engines, Dimitira allows our customers to enjoy a fully customizable diving and snorkeling experience.


We use Beuchat 5mm suits with hoods, Tusa fins with 5mm boots (Duo), Apeks regulators (DS4 ATX40), Tusa BCDs with integrated weight pockets (Liberator 2), and Cressi Donatello computers.

All our prices include full gear, but you will get a 10% discount if you have your own equipment.


Alkin Silent Canopy compressor

As scuba divers, we know the quality of air in your cylinder is of utmost importance and it is for this reason that we made a commitment with quality, acquiring one of the top performer air compressors on the market.


Do you hold an Enriched Air certification?

Nitrox is available for certified divers for the price of 6€ per cylinder. If you are not Nitrox Certified yet, check out our Nitrox course.