Since 1978 we have collaborated with many experienced and professional divers worldwide which has led to the creation of our modern and secure diving centre. The Arian Diving Centre is now established on the gorgeous island of Kos where it has gained an international reputation.
Arian was built to a traditional design on the island of Spetses in 1986. The beautifully maintained twin mast schooner is 15m long with a mahogany cabin, oak decks and Oregon pine masts. With seven tonnes in her keel she is sea worthy in all situations.

Our nine and a half meter water turbo jet speed boat has a Cummins six litre turbo diesel engine which produces 380hp and can travel up to 45miles per hour.
Our speed boat, "Arian II" is used for an easy, convenient and safe transfer to and from your hotel. Arian II also organises for qualified divers safe and enjoyable private island dive trips.

A fully- equipped section for all kinds of scuba diving such as nitrox, trimix, deep diving etc and equipment to meet the quality standard we so thoroughly support.Three air compressors: 11, 15, and 54 cubic metre which could fill up to 300barTwo decompression chambers. The first one is for a single person and is used for transfer. The second one is able to host up to six people and it provides the ability of a doctors presence inside the chamber.