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Kos Island: the whole island a vast beach.

Kos is the island with the longest coastline and beaches mild compared to the entire length of the coastline of potential across the Mediterranean . The two thirds of the coastline lead to small or large beaches with thick or fine sand , small pebbles or larger , green , turquoise or deep blue waters, wave or stand , crowded or with a little worldly and organized with umbrellas and water sports or quiet and secluded , sandy background at sunset or sunrise.
The clean and award winning beaches are the first reason Kos attracts and hosts each year more than 1 million tourists from Europe and the rest of the world .
There is no other place like Kos with such easy access to the sea and pristine beaches . You within a very few minutes to find from any part of the island on a beach .
It , however , when you come , try to visit them all !